Impactful Analytics for Truck and Trailer Dealers

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Analytics for Truck and Trailer Dealers - TARGIT Guide

Discover the Top KPIs for Truck and Trailer Dealers and Distributors

Better business insight leads to better decision-making. Find out which metrics you should be tracking across the following departments:

  • Fleet Management
  • Sales and Rentals
  • Financial Reporting
  • Parts and Inventory

Better insight into your company, customers,
and growth potential is more accessible than you think.



Across the truck and trailer industry, dealers and distributors are leveraging the power of data analytics to develop business strategies that improve performance and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

This guide highlights the most important KPIs for your dealership and includes example analytics dashboards and reports your teams can use to increase visibility and boost your bottom line.

Download to Learn:

  • Which trends and consumer behaviors are driving growth in the truck and trailer industry
  • The top KPIs and reports to implement in every department in your dealership
  • How to manage your equipment easier and more efficiently
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Drive Long-Term Growth

Find Out How the Right Analytics Strategy Can Transform Your Dealership Operations