BI Total Cost of Ownership: The Ultimate Guide

15 min read
BI total cost of ownership the ultimate guide

Avoid these four pitfalls that lead to skyrocketing BI costs

  • Poor Data Quality
  • The Never-Ending Project
  • License Creep
  • The Under-Utilization Obstacle

A BI provider that charges an arm and leg for training is missing the point of BI for everyone.





Overall, there are four costly pitfalls that most commonly surprise companies when implementing a business intelligence and analytics solution. Fall victim to one, and it’s likely the rest will come tumbling on top of you soon after.

BI price pitfalls are closely linked, making it all the more difficult to break free. In this guide, experts give their best recommendations for how to minimize these pitfalls or avoid them all together.

This guide covers

  • Improving data quality
  • Preventing license creep
  • Properly utilizing BI