BI Trend Monitor 2020

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BI trend monitor 2020 cover

What will drive change?

  • Master data/data quality management has been the most important trend for three years in a row
  • Data discovery remains the second most important trend compared to last year
  • Data-driven culture is a high emphasis for best-in-class companies
  • Data governance is consistently considered an important trend across all industries.  

Data quality and master data management have been ranked as the most important trend three years in a row now.


- BARC Research Study


Over 2,800 BI users were asked about their views on the most important BI trends. BARC, Business Application Research Center, condensed the main findings on the BI Trend Monitor 2020. 

We can all agree that data and analytics are key to driving change, but how can you leverage the benefits from data in an efficient and innovative way? 

Study the BI Trend Monitor 2020 results and create a BI game plan to get ahead.  

This guide covers

  • The important BI trends, delivering up-to-date comprehensive insights on the BI market
  • Six hot spots from the study of the most striking differences and continuous BI trends
  • Long-term comparisons showing the growth of trends since 2016.