TARGIT Ranks as a Leader in 21 Categories

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BI & Analytics Survey 21
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TARGIT ranks as a leader in 21 categories with the highest satisfaction score ever. The BARC BI survey also notes the top three reasons customers invested in TARGIT Decision Suite:

  • An exceptional relationship with the vendor
  • Ease of use of the reporting engine for users and consumers
  • Predefined data connection and industry applications, such as manufacturing, retail, heavy equipment, and wine-producing sectors

The percentage of employees using TARGIT Decision Suite is close to 50% above the average of all products.
- The BI & Analytics Survey 21 - BARC


TARGIT’s recent initiatives have significantly increased user adoption across many organizations. The most successful initiatives include refining the design and distribution of reports, simplifying the creation of portal environments to personalize the user experience, and enhancing embedded applications to make data context relevant and ready for users when they need it. In fact, employee user adoption increased nine percentage points over the past year, from 16% in 2019 to 25% in 2020.

See how TARGIT Decision Suite ranks in the following categories:

  • Ad hoc reporting-focused products
  • Dashboarding-focused products
  • Embedded analytics-focused products
  • OLAP analysis-focused products
  • And more!