TARGIT Leads in Global BI & Analytics Survey

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46 Leading Positions

The results are in from BARC's The BI & Analytics Survey 22, and it’s official —TARGIT leads the industry in five peer groups, including Embedded Analytics Focused Products and Midsize/Departmental Implementations.

The survey also backs our reputation for exceptional customer service with a 95% satisfaction rating and a 93% recommendation score.

Raising the Bar for BI

TARGIT continues to raise the bar, scoring high in powerful areas across Peer Groups, including:
  • Business Benefits
  • Business Value
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Distribution of Reports
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This Guide Covers

  • A total overview and rating of TARGIT according to 57 relevant stakeholders
  • Perspectives from approx. 2,500 BI and analytics end-users
  • How TARGIT is ranked against competitors