A Data-Driven Approach to Dealership Performance Management


Learnings from Franchised Car Dealers

The role of data and analytics in a dealership is quickly evolving from a series of reports for a few key stakeholders to an internal collaboration tool that’s integral to how leading organizations make business decisions, manage risk and grow profits.

A data-driven strategy is central to improving business performance, providing an intelligence platform that serves up timely operational and financial data along with analytics from across the dealership.

Join Stefan Drechsel, founder of DealerTech Nerd, as he shares best practices and reflection points from Franchised Car dealers for effectively harnessing a dealership’s vast data to build a modern data intelligence strategy.

For almost ten years, Stefan has been guiding dealers through the negotiations of dealership technology and assisting others in navigating through the complex world of DealerTech. 

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Lars Bang

Lars Bang

Stefan Drechsel

Stefan Drechsel

Founder of DealerTech Nerd

Originally published April 2, 2021. Updated June 19, 2024