Advanced Visualizations

On-Demand Webinar

Be the ultimate pro of advanced visualizations

Are you already working with your TARGIT solution, but curious to learn more about advanced visualizations? Look no further.

The webinar, Advanced Visualizations, will serve you tips and tricks that are useful for you to visualize data and, by that, understand the quality of the data better.

We’ll cover ways of telling what the actual data shows and how you can act upon it.

Through the webinar, we’ll build KPI objects and SVG maps from the very start, and finally, we’ll look into creative ways of how to use Data Discovery to support visualizations. This is a perfect webinar for you to learn about the “Monday-Morning-Presentation-Trends,” because who doesn’t want to be the best at presenting important weekly KPI’s and measurements – more specifically Monday morning?

Participate in the webinar if you are looking for inspiration to more advanced visualizations of your TARGIT solution.

You'll hear from

Niels Thomsen

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect

After the webinar, you'll have more insights in

  1. Tips and tricks on how to visualize data, and to understand the quality of data even better
  2. Build of KPI objects and SVG maps
  3. Creative ways of how to use Data Discovery to support visualizations
  4. "Monday-Morning-Presentation-Trends."

Originally published April 20, 2020. Updated October 5, 2023