An Introduction to TARGIT Data Discovery - Part One

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Part 1/2

Get a 360° Overview of Data Discovery in TARGIT

Join us for a foundational overview of TARGIT’s Data Discovery module! During this insightful webinar, you’ll learn everything you need to configure and start using your Data Discovery environment.  

Follow along as we cover the basics of data discovery and highlight various data sources, cubes, and formats. Find out how to get up and running with TARGIT Data Discovery, plus get insider tips from our team of experts.  

You'll Hear From

Jared Cornelius

Jared Cornelius

Director of Presales Consulting
Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Senior Account Executive


✔ What is Data Discovery and when should you use it?  

✔ Connecting to new data sources  

✔ Working with cubes (relations, hierarchie. es, attribute settings)

✔ What are formats in Data Discovery?  

✔ Combining multiple data sources  



New users of TARGIT’s Data Discovery Module 



A Data Discovery license is required to use these tips,
but you can participate without a license just to learn more about our Data Discovery module


Ready to Master the Art of Data Discovery?

Originally published March 27, 2023. Updated September 6, 2023

PART 2/2

Level Up Your Skills in Part Two!

Looking for more Data Discovery insights? Be sure to join us for the next part in this webinar series, where we’ll explore additional data sources and cubes 

Square 600x600- 10 advanced