Creating and Distributing Reports

On-Demand Webinar

Provide The Right Data to the Right People

Watch this webinar to improve your reporting skills by leveraging all the tools and features TARGIT Decision Suite offers to provide the right data to the right people.

Learning which report layouts support dashboard layouts, multi-page report design, and effective distribution of reports to keep everyone in the loop are some of the topics we will cover during this webinar.

You'll hear from

Ole Dyring

Ole Dyring

TARGIT University

In this webinar, we will get around:

  • Report layouts that support dashboard layouts
  • Automatic/Customized repeater page feature
  • Multi-page report design functionality
  • Mixing data from different cubes
  • Looping reports with iterations
  • Report distribution like scheduled jobs and batch scheduling
  • Converting reports from older TARGIT versions

Originally published June 9, 2020. Updated March 8, 2024