Dynamic Time – Configuration and Use

On-Demand Webinar

Dynamic time criteria is a real game-changer

TARGIT’s unique way of working with dynamic time criteria has been a real game-changer for many TARGIT users. Any given time dimension can be set up to work in a dynamic way, and out-of-the-box you will get options such as Year-to-date, Previous week, Previous 12 months, etc. 

Furthermore, all of these can be customized to your requirements exactly. In combination with User Dimensions, you can then create relevant dynamic comparisons, such as comparing Previous month to the same month, last year.

You'll hear from

Ole Dyring

Ole Dyring

TARGIT University

After this webinar, you'll have more insights on how to:


  • Configure time dimensions to work as dynamic dimensions.
  • Examples of working with offsets to provide the exact dynamic criteria you require.
  • Present dynamic captions in crosstab columns.
  • Set up dynamic time in relation to Fiscal years.
  • Work with Lookup table – e.g., to compare campaign periods across different years.

Originally published May 26, 2020. Updated February 23, 2024