How to Visualize Data: The History of the FIFA World Cup

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Test Your World Cup Knowledge, Learn How to Visualize Data

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First, a few quick stats: Uruguay hosted 13 nations for the first FIFA World Cup games in 1930. Teams from Europe, the U.S. and Central and South America played 18 matches and scored 70 goals.

Now, some questions: Where did they play? What broke out in the last match? How many nations participate today?

Hone your World Cup wisdom and your data visualization skills in 45 action-packed minutes with TARGIT.  

We'll dive into Data Discovery, Web Boxes, Conditional Text, and Custom Maps to help you master features, including:

  • Point distribution
  • Heat maps
  • Area maps
  • Longitude/latitude mapping
  • Multiple data points
  • And much more

Besides adding valuable knowledge to your data visualization backpack, this webinar is also a kick-off for our visualization competition utilizing this data. Read more below.

Contest Kickoff: Visualizing World Cup Data


Here's how it works:

The Task 
Visualize historical World Cup data and offer overview as well as drill-down to each World Cup, each team, each match.

The visualizations should be tied together in a small portal that will offer easy access to all the facts - including a fun fact section.
The Technical Stuff
TARGIT will provide datasets and offer a dedicated environment to those who sign up. Reach out to for details.
The Important Dates
March 21: Deadline to submit your dashboard(s).
March 24: Award ceremony where we'll review the submitted dashboards and announce the winners.
By participating in the competition, you'll get access to a TARGIT environment with the World Cup data and the brand new TARGIT version released on February 25.

You'll Hear from

Niels Thomsen

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect
Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Sales Manager

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Data Discovery
Plug into a long-range of familiar data sources and pull them together with an easy drag-and-drop interface.
Web Box
Integrate instruction videos, Help pages , and any web-based content administrated outside the TARGIT environment.
Conditional Text
Drill down into bar charts, add labels, and highlight outliers using easy if-then-else drop-down menus.
Custom Maps
Bring the big picture into crystal-clear focus using map intelligence to enhance your dashboards and analyses.

Originally published January 21, 2022. Updated June 19, 2024