Is TARGIT Just for Your DMS or ERP?

On-Demand Webinar

Myth: TARGIT can only connect to your dealership’s DMS or ERP

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Join this session where TARGIT's Director of Professional Services, Boe Pedersen, gives an overview of other data sources outside of your core data system that you can integrate with TARGIT to get the entire picture of your dealership’s operations.

You'll Hear from

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Senior Account Executive at TARGIT
Boe Pedersen

Boe Pedersen

Director, Professional Services, Global at TARGIT


→ About TARGIT

→ Is TARGIT Just for Your DMS or ERP?​

→ Bringing in external data sources

→ Working with APIs in TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio​

→ How to optimize and deal with API traffic limitations

→ Loading data from OnPrem data sources in TARGIT Cloud using the TARGIT Gateway client​

→ Other development resources / InMemory Exam for developers​

Originally published May 21, 2022. Updated June 29, 2023