Mastering Data Visualization with David Hollinsworth

On-demand Webinar

How to Optimize Your Dashboards with Data Visualization

Storytelling with data visualization is only possible if you have data confidence

During this session, Data Visualization Consultant David Hollinsworth will walk you through a method that instills trust in your visualizations. He'll also show you how the power of storytelling can positively impact the communication of data within your organization.

Who's David Hollinsworth?

  • 18 years of BI experience
  • 100+ projects
  • Passionate about data visualization
  • Blogger and innovator

You'll Hear from

Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Sales Manager - International, TARGIT
David Hollinsworth

David Hollinsworth

Data Visualization Consultant


  • Introduction to data visualization
  • Important data visualization guidelines
  • Enabling data confidence
  • Navigation
  • Tips & tricks

Originally published May 25, 2021. Updated October 30, 2023