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Meet the Force Behind the Name

TARGIT is the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite, an end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics enterprise platform.

Doing BI since 1996, TARGIT has a long history of innovation, agility, and patented technology making TARGIT Decision Suite, a modern analytics platform that delivers easier ways to work with data.

With over 60 dealer customers and 80+ years of combined dealer experience from our consultants, TARGIT is the leading BI tool for dealers. ​

Join this session to see TARGIT Decision Suite in action and learn more about its features and how you can unlock the value of your data!

You'll Hear From

Jared Cornelius

Jared Cornelius

Director of Presales Consulting, TARGIT
Tim McGuire

Tim McGuire

Account Executive, TARGIT

Originally published April 2, 2021. Updated June 29, 2023