TARGIT Implementation Part Two: Execution

On-Demand Webinar

Get Up and Running Inside of TARGIT’s User-Friendly BI Solution

Our first implementation webinar covered how to properly set your organization up for a successful BI implementation and setup, from preparing your data to building your first dashboard inside of TARGIT.



Continue the series with our second webinar, where we’ll dive into the ins and outs of execution.

You'll Hear From

Niels Thomsen

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect

Master the Foundational Elements of Your BI Implementation By:

Designing portals: Don’t just learn the ‘hows’ of portal design but the ‘whys’ too. See what it takes to achieve a modern, consistent design.
Simplifying portal maintenance: Save time by developing a maintenance plan for easy use.
And more!
The next webinar provides industry-leading tips and tricks. Keep learning by registering for the third part of our webinar series here.

Originally published October 19, 2022. Updated March 27, 2023