Basic Tips & Tricks - Part One

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Consolidate Multiple Data Sources Into a Single Analytical Database

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Join us for part one of our foundational overview of TARGIT InMemory. Follow along as our Solution Architects show you how to turn data from various sources and formats into a cohesive, high-quality database. 

You’ll learn how to import data from flat files, external databases, web files, and more. Plus, we’ll walk through basic tasks like data quality checks, timetable creation, and standard calculations.

You'll Hear From

Niels Thomsen

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect
Jesper da Silva Endelt

Jesper da Silva Endelt

Senior Solution Architect



Tech stack overview
Importing and saving data in ETL Studio
Basic troubleshooting in ETL Studio
Scheduling updates with the scheduler
Querying using Query Tool
Using different data sources
Creating a timetable
Manipulations of data (e.g., quality checks)
Examples of various ETL scripts


Language: English

Audience: Requires some knowledge of SQL

Prerequisites: InMemory license


Originally published January 16, 2023. Updated March 27, 2023