Basic Tips & Tricks - Part Two

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Discover New Ways to Use Your InMemory Database

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In part two of our InMemory webinar series, attendees will learn how to go beyond ad-hoc projects and level up their InMemory database skills alongside Solution Architects Niels Thomsen and Jesper da Silva Endelt.

Find out how to implement an ETL framework that includes templates, macros, a staging area, and best practices for data modeling. Then, explore special functions like currency handling, translations, closing balance calculations, and more.

Language: Danish

You'll Hear From

Niels Thomsen

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect
Jesper da Silva Endelt

Jesper da Silva Endelt

Senior Solution Architect



ETL Structure: Loading facts and dimensions, setting up staging tables, executing multiple ETL packages, and using templates 

✔ Debugging & Troubleshooting: Examples of common problems and solutions  

✔ ETL Scripts: Script samples, including the use of macros  

✔ Schemas: Snowflake schema vs. Star schema  

✔ Date & Time: Best practices and advanced settings  

✔ Export Formats: CSV and Excel best practices  

✔ Special Features: Currency, translations, and closing balance 

✔ Data Uploads: Incremental load in near real-time


Audience: Users interested in making data models for report designers

Prerequisites: Access to TARGIT Management is required to use these tips


Originally published February 9, 2023. Updated July 18, 2024