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TARGIT Dealer Week '23

Business Intelligence Accelerators for the Heavy Equipment Industry

Join team TARGIT for a walkthrough of the latest versions of our business intelligence accelerators for the heavy equipment industry. We’ll show you how real dealers use our accelerators for CDK, DIS, and other operational tools to accelerate their BI implementations and streamline reporting in every department.  

You'll Hear From

Boe Pedersen

Boe Pedersen

Director of Professional Services
Tim McGuire

Tim McGuire

Account Executive


✔ The History of the Business Intelligence Accelerator (BIA) for HE

✔  What’s New in the Latest Version of the BIA

✔  Walk-Through New Dashboards in All Departments

✔  What Is the Upgrade Path From Older Versions of the Bia to the Latest

✔ Why Upgrade to the Latest Version? Benefits and Things to Consider



Join Us for a Walkthrough of the Latest Versions of Our BI Accelerators

Originally published May 12, 2023. Updated May 15, 2023