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Data Sharing With Slideshows

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TARGIT Dealer Week '23

Share Essential Information Across Your Entire Enterprise With TARGIT Slideshows

We'll show you how to use slideshows to publish dynamic content and present data on-screen in the service center, boardroom, and everywhere in between. Plus, see how Holt of California uses TARGIT Slideshows to automatically update over 20 electronic Safety Boards throughout their dealership. 

You'll Hear From

Nathan Ladd

Nathan Ladd

Safety Manager at Holt California
Tim McGuire

Tim McGuire

Account Executive at TARGIT
Dave Martz

Dave Martz

Senior BI Consultant at TARGIT


✔ Introducing TARGIT Dealer Week 2023

✔  About TARGIT

✔  Holt of California Safety Initiative Using TARGIT Slideshows

✔  Demo - How to Create and Publish a TARGIT Slideshow


Start Sharing Essential Information With TARGIT Slideshows

Originally published May 11, 2023. Updated May 11, 2023