TARGIT Training: Reporting Features

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Square - Webinar for dealers - TARGIT-4


Utilize your BI investment by learning new skills to use some of the powerful reporting features in TARGIT Decision Suite. 

Watch this webinar to learn best practices to create:

  • Exports: You can export directly from TARGIT, such as immediately forwarding the result to someone without access to TARGIT via e-mail, using the result for presentation purposes (Image or PowerPoint), or continue crunching the data in another tool (Excel).
  • Reports: You can design and manage reports easier than ever before. Want to design a single-page report? A multi-page report? Reports with automated sections per branch? We will get around all of it.
  • Scheduled jobs: Schedule reports for send-out at predefined hours of the day or by the occurrence of changes in data. 

You'll Hear from

Ole Dyring

Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University

Originally published June 7, 2022. Updated June 29, 2023