Tips & Tricks: Goodies from TARGIT Community

On-demand webinar

Tips & Tricks to Get More Out of Your Solution

Ole Dyring is back to help you maximize and master TARGIT Decision Suite's features at your fingertips.

Ole will dive into the latest and greatest questions and topics from our active users in TARGIT Community.

Psst.. Our Community recently celebrated six months anniversary, and it is the long-awaited answer to what TARGIT users and partners everywhere asked for: a place to ask questions, gain inspiration, share knowledge and help each other build the data-driven organizations of the future.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Add a total label on top of all the bars. (fast forward to 02:44)
  • Quickly get your end-users from a high-level chart or KPI object to all of the supporting crosstab data – and back. (fast forward to 07:50)
  • Count consecutive months with data above/below a certain level. (fast forward to 17:08)
  • Easily administrate your email addresses for Batch Scheduled Jobs in an Excel sheet. (fast forward to 27:25)
  • Replace the built-in Criteria explanation with your own custom Criteria explanation. (fast forward to 45:31)
.. And surely, Ole has got a few more aces up his sleeve 🎉

You'll Hear from

Ole Dyring

Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University
Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Sales Manager

Originally published September 20, 2021. Updated October 30, 2023