Why Upgrade?

On-Demand Webinar

We Give You Incredible Analytics Power in the '21 Release

You're leaving an incredible amount of power on the table without the latest version of TARGIT Decision Suite. The 2021 release prepares you for TARGIT Cloud, and it also includes Insights, Maps, Design and Navigation, and much more!

We have come a long way since your implementation whether it was 2015, 2017, or 2019.

Spend 30 minutes to get updated on why you should upgrade to the latest version of TARGIT and how it actually works.

We recommend you watch our recent on-demand webinar about the Summer '21 Release including these powerful features:

  • Webhooks
  • Report Page Criteria
  • Push-to-Pull
  • and much more

You'll Hear from

Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Sales Manager

Here's What You're Missing:

Prepare for the future with Cloud

With TARGIT Cloud, we'll offer the same software everywhere, independent of cloud provider and migration flexibility. An upgrade to the latest TARGIT version is required to migrate to Cloud.



Begin analyzing and monitoring your TARGIT solution in minutes with one click. Understand your users and your solution better. Learn more about TARGIT Insights here. 



Experience map intelligence. Enhance your dashboards and analyses to quickly see the big picture and identify where to focus. The map chart effectively replaces the area and image charts and introduces a range of new features. Take a deep dive into the possibilities here. 


Design and Navigation

See noticeable design updates such as simple label and image objects, improved and unified dynamic and static time selection, and settings for rendering points on specific charts without limits. Learn all the little details about the design and navigation improvements. 


And so much more. Get all the details on the latest features here. 

Originally published October 11, 2021. Updated October 30, 2023