Creating a Data-Driven Automotive Dealership

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Discover the Top KPIs for Auto Dealerships

Better business insight leads to better decision-making. Download this guide to see which metrics you should be tracking in your sales, after-sales, and finance departments. Plus, learn how you can use business intelligence (BI) and analytics to:  

  • Turn your data into clear, actionable business insights  
  • Access up-to-date reports and dashboards for every department 
  • Establish goals based on industry-standard key performance indicators (KPIs) 
  • Monitor performance across multiple dealership locations  

You win much time using TARGIT since you don’t have to do the processes manually, over and over again. Before we spent one week per month handling DMS data.


Rik Van De Velde, Finance Director, Valckenier Groep




As used car sales continue to fluctuate and the global market recovers from the pandemic, automotive dealers are turning toward BI and analytics solutions to help them extract timely, comprehensive business insights from their operational data.  
This guide highlights the most important KPIs for car dealerships across the three main areas of their business. It also includes example dashboards and reports that provide dealers with decision-leading insights.   

Download to Learn:

  • The top trends impacting car sales and dealership operations 
  • Which KPIs and reports to implement in every department in your dealership 
  • How BI can help you make informed decisions, boost operational efficiency, and unlock new growth opportunities