Explore the Top BI & Analytics Trends for 2023

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Which Trends and Strategies Will Define the Future of the BI and Analytics Landscape?

As organizations continue to prioritize data quality, data-driven culture, and governance, other trends like cloud analytics and the use of data catalogs have steadily risen through the ranks.

Download a copy of BARC's 2023 Trend Monitor to see how BI users, consultants, and software vendors are leveraging a combination of consistent and emerging trends to manage their BI practices, and how they expect those trends to continue impacting their organizations in the years to come. 

To develop this year's Data, BI & Analytics Monitor, BARC polled 1,823 users, consultants, and vendors on the most important BI and analytics trends of 2023. The resulting report outlines the survey findings by company size, region, and industry.

Along with analyzing each trend in detail, the report outlines seven key recommendations for strengthening your BI operations in 2023. Download your copy now to get the details.

The top trends for 2023 demonstrate that organizations are aware of the relevance of high-quality data. They want to go beyond the collection of as much data as possible and actively use data to improve
their business decisions.


- Data, BI and Analytics Trend Monitor 2023 - BARC Research Study

Download BARC’s Trend Monitor 2023 to Learn:

  • The top trends impacting BI and analytics in 2023
  • How trends and strategies vary between industries and regions
  • Seven key recommendations for embracing the study findings

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