From Analytics to Action in Food Manufacturing

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The Keys to Successful Data Management

As a food or beverage manufacturer, odds are you’re collecting analytics from various operations in your business. But are you putting that data in a position to succeed? 

We've teamed up with Food Manufacturing to give you the best insights on the latest and most relevant topics in the industry combined with our extensive knowledge of business intelligence.

In this 22-minute video, you’ll hear from industry experts about the role that leadership culture and change management have in putting data to use, and the help available to do the heavy lifting. In a crowded market with razor-thin margins: you need to leverage every opportunity to let data management be a key differentiator for you.

TARGIT improves the entire manufacturing process. It helps us monitor costs so we know if we’re staying within a certain range. If we get out of that range, we can fix it and move forward. We’re always working towards achieving operational excellence. When we save money, we pass that savings on to our customers.
- Todd Cummings, VP of Information Technology at Monin