How to Drive Profitability and Growth in Your Dealership

Wednesday, May 22, 10.00 AM EDT

You'll Hear From

Robin Currie

Robin Currie

Consultant at Currie Management Consultants Inc.
Gareth Hennessy

Gareth Hennessy

Account Executive at TARGIT


Intro to TARGIT Dealer Week
✔ Intro to Currie Management Consultants Inc.
Shareholder Value: Learn how to effectively manage investor expectations, promote long-term growth, and increase returns
Evolution of the Marketplace: Hear how your dealership can adapt to the market while continuing to serve your customers and foster lasting relationships 
The Currie Performance Model: See how Currie leverages 50 years of best practice experience to help industrial equipment dealers become leaders in their industries
Currie Model Success Certification: Discover Currie's holistic approach to all dealership operations, including culture, safety, IT implementation, community relations, and more
✔ Audience discussion and Q&A




Heavy Equipment Dealers





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Learn How to Lead Your Dealership to a Profitable Future

Originally published March 22, 2024. Updated April 3, 2024