How to Drive Profitability and Growth in Your Dealership

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Robin Currie

Robin Currie

President & Owner at Currie Management Consultants Inc.
Gareth Hennessy

Gareth Hennessy

Account Executive at TARGIT


Intro to TARGIT Dealer Week
✔ Intro to Currie Management Consultants Inc.
Shareholder Value: Learn how to effectively manage investor expectations, promote long-term growth, and increase returns
Evolution of the Marketplace: Hear how your dealership can adapt to the market while continuing to serve your customers and foster lasting relationships 
The Currie Performance Model: See how Currie leverages 50 years of best practice experience to help industrial equipment dealers become leaders in their industries
Currie Model Success Certification: Discover Currie's holistic approach to all dealership operations, including culture, safety, IT implementation, community relations, and more
✔ Audience discussion and Q&A




Heavy Equipment Dealers





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Learn How to Lead Your Dealership to a Profitable Future

Originally published March 22, 2024. Updated June 19, 2024