TARGIT Implementation Part One: Preparation

On-Demand Webinar

Start Using TARGIT to Enhance Visualizations and Increase User Adoption

Join us for a three-part webinar series where we will take a deep dive into TARGIT implementation best practices with a focus on user adoption and visualization.



Kicking off the three-part series, the first webinar provides information on how to plan for success.

You’ll learn about all the prerequisites and preparations needed to build your TARGIT BI portal with a consistent design and dashboards to support decisions on all levels of the organization.

You'll Hear From

Niels Thomsen

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect

Ensure a Successful BI Implementation By:

Setting the scene:
Learn how to define the purpose and goal of your TARGIT implementation. You’ll also learn how to map out the next steps that will lead to previously-identified business goals.


Getting users on board:
Engaging stakeholders is only the first step. We’ll show you how to maintain and grow engagement long-term.


Streamlining initial setup tasks:
Discover how to ensure implementation is smooth, from the template setup to centralizing information.


The next step involves the actual implementation. Keep learning by registering for the second part of our webinar series, here.

Originally published September 19, 2022. Updated June 7, 2023