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Now through June 30th, 2024, get an exclusive deal on two of our foundational TARGIT University courses: TARGIT Fundamentals and TARGIT Next Level.  
TARGIT University is a great way to level up your TARGIT knowledge, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your solution. And with this deal, you can get even more value out of these great educational resources.  
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It has been very important for us to have all our super users through education at TARGIT University. This makes the quality of our solutions higher and our work much more efficient.
- Torben Castenskiold, CEO, Plantorama


TARGIT Fundamentals Course Illustration
TARGIT Fundamentals

TARGIT Fundamentals is a course for you with little to no experience with TARGIT Decision Suite. It's designed to teach you how to work with TARGIT Decision Suite as an analytics tool, and how to design analyses and dashboards, for consumption by yourself and your colleagues.

The course requires a basic knowledge of operating standard Windows applications.

1 day

You'll Learn
 Basic analyzing techniques
 How to design dashboards with crosstabs and graphs 
 How to format objects for the best visualization
 How to work with dynamic criteria and user dimensions
 How to add simple calculations and color agents
✔ How to export data

TARGIT Next Level Course Illustration
TARGIT Next Level

This course is intended as a natural successor to TARGIT Fundamentals. It highlights the most important tools and features that are not covered during the Fundamentals course and is a great way to get familiar with the parts of TARGIT you’ll likely use the most.

The course requires a fundamental knowledge of TARGIT Decision Suite through either daily use of the solution or by completing our TARGIT Fundamentals course.

1 day

You'll Learn
✔ Object Styling
✔ KPIs and Maps
✔ Triggers and Menus
✔ Layouts
✔ Basic Calculation Syntax
✔ Data Discovery