TARGIT Leads in Global BI & Analytics Survey

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TARGIT Earns Leading Positions in 30+ Categories

TARGIT leads the industry in four peer groups, including top rankings in Embedded Analytics Focused Products and Midsize/Departmental Implementations.


The survey also backs our reputation for exceptional customer service with a 95% recommendation score based on the aggregate of “Definitely“ and “Probably“.

TARGIT is a very good overall value-for-money solution.

It’s easy to support and maintain in terms of upgrades, with powerful and intuitive visualisation and reporting capabilities for end-users.

Head of a Separate BI/Analytics Organization Unit

Transport, 100-2,500 employees

It is user friendly and very flexible to make different analysis and reports. Also a good platform for user security.

Person responsible/Project manager forBI/analytics from IT department

Retail/Wholesale, 100-2,500 employees

TARGIT is a very good overall value for money solution.

Easy to support & maintain in terms of upgrades with powerful and intuitive visualisation and reporting capability for end users.

Head of a separate BI/analytics organization unit (e.g. BICC, BICoE)

Transport, 100-2,500 employees

TARGIT listens to their Customers.

Person responsible/Project manager for departmental BI/analytics

Public sector and Education, >2,500 employees

I am very satisfied with TARGIT, as it provides lot of variety in the solution using the data in the cubes.

Dynamic time function is very valuable as well as the possibility to make user dimensions easily across various dimension with the data, to make data transformation easy within the cube.

Multiple drill down functions enables data discovery from group level down to very detailed levels in pursuit of locating deviations or discrepancies.

Person responsible/Project manager for BI/analytics from IT department

Retail/Wholesale, 100-2,500 employees

It is an excellent product for Business Analytics.

CIO/Head of IT

Retail/Wholesale, 100-2,500 Employees

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    Intuitive Features. Impactful Results.

    Our analytics solution combines powerful backend functionality with a user-friendly interface that puts data in the hands of every business user.

    These values are reflected in TARGIT’s top leads across Peer Groups, which include recognitions for:

    • Business Value
    • Distribution of Reports
    • Ease of Use
    • Vendor Support
    • Visual Analysis

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