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TARGIT Dealer Week Vision

To help the dealer community navigate through the data and analytics journey by encouraging connections, sparking ideas, and laying the foundation of a support system to help tackle big goals.

Seven sessions full of actionable insights from people in the dealer industry just like you
10+ experts across live webinars, panel discussions, and training sessions
One place for everything data and analytics exclusively for dealers

Day 1

The role of data and analytics in a dealership is quickly evolving from a series of reports for a few key stakeholders to an internal collaboration tool that’s integral to how leading organizations make business decisions, manage risk and grow profits.

Join Stefan Drechsel, founder of DealerTech Nerd, as he shares best practices and reflection points from Franchised Car dealers for effectively harnessing a dealership’s vast data to build a modern data intelligence strategy.

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TARGIT is the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite, an end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics enterprise platform. Founded in 1986, TARGIT has a long history of innovation, agility, and patented technology making TARGIT Decision Suite, a modern analytics platform delivering easier ways to work with data.

With over 60 dealer implementations in the last two years and 30+ years of combined dealer experience from our consultants, TARGIT is the leading BI tool for dealers. ​

Unlock the value of your data! Join this session to see TARGIT Decision Suite in action and learn more about its features and benefits.

Join Tim McGuire and Jared Cornelius to learn all you need to know about TARGIT for dealers.

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Day 2

Learn how to create a bulletproof business intelligence (BI) roadmap from the basics all the way to a fully integrated data-driven organization.

Join Anthony Flores as he shares his experience helping dealers get the most out of their BI solution and presents a framework you can start implementing at your organization today.

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Today’s tech marketplace abounds with platforms claiming how well they support augmented analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). Yet most companies still look for the basics — simple and easier tech solutions to overcome their key challenges and get them faster to reaching their business goals.

In this session, we’ll discuss the key areas dealers need to consider when choosing their tech partners.

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Day 3

Dave Martz, a Senior BI Consultant with over 20 years of experience working directly with dealers, is interviewing Dana Cleghorn, Business Intelligence Data Analyst, at Thompson Tractor as she shares her experience navigating the BI journey at Thompson Tractor for the past 30 years and what the future holds for their BI journey.

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Grab a seat at the table with fellow TARGIT customers to discuss learnings about growing and scaling your TARGIT solution within your organization.

Join this session moderated by Eric Wenham and Alina Westberg for a candid conversation with TARGIT customers. We want to dig to the core of our customers' usage of the tool, so you can learn and get inspired by the talent and expertise of our brilliant customers.

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Day 4

Are you currently deploying TARGIT InMemory or planning to do so in the near future? This is your chance to hear from Boe Pedersen, an expert in deploying TARGIT inMemory for over 100 customers.

Join this session to have a look under the hood on how to develop the TARGIT BIA solution using TARGIT ETL and InMemory Datamodel toolsets.

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These voices will share with you their experiences overcoming challenges, achieving success, and implementing strategies to start and grow their data and analytics journeys. Nothing is off-limits.

John Bolling

Sr. Director of Sales, CDK Global Heavy Equipment

Dana Cleghorn

Business Intelligence Data Analyst, Thompson Tractor

Jared Cornelius

Director of Presales Consulting

Anthony Flores

Senior BI Consultant

Dave Martz

Sr. BI Consultant, TARGIT

Tim McGuire

Account Executive

Boe Pedersen

Director, Professional Services, TARGIT

Eric Wenham

Director of Customer Success, TARGIT

Alina Westberg

Marketing Manager, TARGIT

You Have the Power to Build Something Great

Building the perfect data and analytics solution for your organization is not only doable, but you don’t have to do it alone. Everyone watching these sessions has one thing in common with you: the power to build something great for your organization. It just happens that learning from other people who’ve done it before can help you get there faster.


Each session is packed with expert insights, personal stories, and actionable advice you can implement in your organization immediately – whether you’re in the process of starting, scaling, or pivoting your data and analytics journey.

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