One platform for all your business analytics needs

TARGIT Decision Suite is the only Business Intelligence software that offers data discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and stunning dashboards in a single, integrated solution.

Experience synergy between employees of every department, your systems, and your software. TARGIT was developed to support the decision-making process in a world that's changing faster than ever. 

Are you ready to become a data-driven company?
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From observation to action in no time

TARGIT Decision Suite is built on the philosophy that decision makers should be able to make intelligent business decisions faster. Everything inside is designed to bring you from observation of your data to orientation to well-founded decisions that give you the courage to act – fast. The more integrated your organization becomes with Business Intelligence and Analytics, the faster your Action Loop will spin.

Real time Dashboards
With Dashboards that are easy to build and customize, you control the cockpit where intelligent business decisions are made.
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Get the details on any figure in your Dashboard, or use the Intelligent Wizard to create an analysis from scratch by typing in natural language.



One click is all you need to set up an automatic agent that notifies when you've achieved your goal or deviated from the norm.



Business decisions aren't made in dark server rooms; they're made in board rooms, at the airport, and at meetings with customers and partners. To keep up, Business Intelligence has to be mobile.


Let everyone in the organization know how close they are to their goals, or if they've already reached them and can aim higher. Showcase your most important dashboards throughout the company with storyboards.

TARGIT gives you a reporting solution that's directly integrated into your analytics engine. You're always just one click away from looking at data to working with it.

Unmatched Ease of Use

There's a reason TARGIT is recognized as the world's most user-friendly Business Intelligence (BI) solution. You call it simple. We call it true self-service BI and ad-hoc business analytics. TARGIT is the only Business Intelligence solution that combines all disciplines in a single, easy-to-use platform. 

That means you can go directly from your dashboard to a comprehensive analysis in just a few clicks. Instantly reveal details about the challenge at hand, and have the answers you need to take action faster than ever before.


One shared world view

TARGIT Decision Suite allows you to work with all of your data sources and systems in one consistent platform. Connect TARGIT to your data warehouse or a relational database and get going. No matter what, you are all looking at the same information, at any time.

Self-Service Data Discovery

In a fast paced day, the ability to quickly analyze data that is not yet part of the data warehouse is crucial. TARGIT has that covered too.
With the Xbone engine you can analyse all flat files such
as Excel and CSV files in the same user-friendly interface.
A simple drag and drop - and you are ready to discover.  

Competing on Analytics

Utilizing big data is the key to staying competitive with your analytics. With TARGIT, the line between your internal and external data becomes blurred, giving you the power to analyze across different data sources. Social Analytics, Hadoop, and Big Query aren't just buzzwords; they are technologies that turn data into real value.

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competing on analytics

How can TARGIT help you get started?

If you're looking for a place to start your journey towards becoming data-driven, we have the tool, experience, and passion you're looking for. And TARGIT Business Intelligence Accelerators is the perfect place to start.

TARGIT Accelerators provides predefined cubes, reports, and analyses so you're ready to roll immediately. Your journey away from static reporting towards self-service Business Intelligence and ad-hoc Analytics is about to begin.

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Ready to take the Business Intelligence plunge?

There are six red flags that signal it’s time to better manage your data so you can make more intelligent decisions faster. Know what they are.

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