TARGIT Data Discoverer

Date: November 15, 2019
Location and Time: Athens
Language: Greek
Price: 920 USD • 760 EURO • 5650 DKK

Discover the Endless Combinations of Data

TARGIT  Data  Discoverer


TARGIT Discoverer is an ad-hoc exploration of data outside the traditional data warehouse. With this course, you'll experience that an unlimited number of data sets are available from external data sources, and the possibilities are endless for combining internal and external data.


The course requires basic skills for creating TARGIT analyses. Basic knowledge about data relations is an advantage as well.
1 day

You'll Learn

✔ How to upload single files for immediate analysis
✔ How to mash up data from multiple data sources
✔ How to pull data from online data providers
✔ How to un-pivot, cleanse, and modify data sources to match requirements

Your Dedicated TARGIT Instructor

Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University

A Workshop Customized for You

Every business is different, and so is every TARGIT workshop. We customize the experience to your team based on your goals, challenges, and how you ultimately want TARGIT to operate in your organization.