TARGIT InMemory Data Warehouse Developer

Date: November 16, 2023
Location and Time: Virtual Classroom (Europe)
Language: English
Price: 920 USD • 760 EURO • 5650 DKK

Master TARGIT InMemory Aspects

TARGIT InMemory Data Warehouse Developer TARGIT course


TARGIT InMemory is TARGIT’s own database platform for ultra-fast querying of analytical data. While the TARGIT InMemory database itself is the core of an InMemory solution, it comes with a number of necessary tools for creating ETL projects, scheduling tasks, designing data models, etc. Complete this course to master all TARGIT InMemory aspects.
Some basic knowledge about databases and SQL scripts will be an advantage for this course. You do not need to know anything about TARGIT InMemory in advance.
1 day

You'll Learn

✔ How to create a project in TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio
✔ How to connect to data sources of various types – SQL databases, Excel sheets
✔ How to import and potentially transform these data into the InMemory database
✔ How to create a Data Model on top of the imported data
✔ How to define dimensions, measures, and cubes

Your Dedicated TARGIT Instructor

Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University

A Workshop Customized for You

Every business is different, and so is every TARGIT workshop. We customize the experience to your team based on your goals, challenges, and how you ultimately want TARGIT to operate in your organization.