TARGIT Visualization Wizard

Date: August 23, 2017
Location and Time: Virtual Classroom (US)
Language: English
Price: 920 USD • 760 EURO • 5650 DKK

Level Up Your Visualization Skills

TARGIT  Visualization  Wizard


Be an expert on data visualization best practices. Use storytelling to guide end-users through your data and learn how to make TARGIT Decision Suite accessible via structured navigations, increasing the ultimate user adoption.
The course requires a completed TARGIT Fundamentals course, and you should have a clear knowledge of TARGIT Decision Suite.
1 day

You'll Learn

✔ How to increase consistency in templates
✔ How to create text boxes and KPI objects
✔ How to build a portal with user-friendly navigation
✔ How to create menus for easy navigation
✔ How to disclose hidden information with advanced labels
✔ How to publish data as slideshows

Your Dedicated TARGIT Instructor

Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University

A Workshop Customized for You

Every business is different, and so is every TARGIT workshop. We customize the experience to your team based on your goals, challenges, and how you ultimately want TARGIT to operate in your organization.