Curit Partners with TARGIT

Originally published January 4, 2021. Updated June 1, 2023

Curit and TARGIT have entered into a strategic partnership that aims to strengthen Curit's IT solutions and position the IFS leader as a reseller of TARGIT's business intelligence (BI) platform.

Aalborg, Denmark – TARGIT, a leading provider of BI software to both domestic and international markets, today announced an exciting collaboration with Curit ApS of Vejle, DK.

Curit is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultancy specializing in industrial and financial systems (IFS) applications. Named Denmark's best ERP supplier by Computerworld magazine, Curit boasts a strong customer portfolio that includes Mekoprint A/S, GateHouse and Novenco Building & Industry A/S, among others.


A Perfect Match

Curit CEO Aase Appel Steffensen believes the possibilities for the new collaboration are endless.
“We’ve entered into a partnership with TARGIT, which we are confident will benefit many of our customers,” said Steffensen. “For our customers that need to take reporting to a higher level, TARGIT is an obvious supplement to IFS. We’ve known TARGIT for several years and have always been full of respect for both the product and organization behind it.”


Same System, New Possibilities

A top performer in functionality and master data, Curit’s IFS Applications will now offer TARGIT Decision Suite as the front-end solution. The new solution lets IFS users access relevant data from multiple sources through user-friendly analytics, reporting and dashboards in one integrated platform. It also saves users time on reporting and data generation.

“At TARGIT, we are driven by one unified vision — to help organizations realize the full value of their data,” said TARGIT CSO Lars G. Bang.

The new TARGIT/Curit solution is based on predefined cubes that Curit developed specifically for IFS Applications. In preliminary implementation trials, customers have been able to implement a BI platform in a matter of days. The result is more manageable costs, faster value creation, greater flexibility and the opportunity to adapt the solution to each customer’s specific needs.

Envisioning an exciting journey ahead, TARGIT CSO Bang looks forward to working with Curit to find more customer solutions.

“We have very high expectations for the collaboration with Curit, which is regarded for its professionalism, strong skills and, like us, commitment to partnership,” said Bang. “The new partnership exemplifies TARGIT's dedicated focus on expanding and maintaining a strong ecosystem of national and international business partners. We look forward to creating both short- and long-term value for Curit's existing and new customers.”

About Curit ApS

Curit ApS is a Vejle, DK-based ERP consulting company specializing in IFS Applications. Curit deals primarily with the industrial market within order, project and/or process-producing companies. Founded in 2003 by former IFS employees, Curit is now the leading IFS consultancy in Denmark. As an experienced and trusted IFS Gold Channel Partner, Curit can provide a full suite of IFS services, including implementation, education, upgrade, customizations, and integration to third parties.



TARGIT provides BI and analytics software for everyone and is the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite. The company values impact, insight, integrity and agility and is driven by one unified vision — to help businesses realize the full value of their data so they can make truly impactful data-driven decisions. TARGIT is committed to two primary goals — to offer innovative software and industry insights and to cultivate strong customer and partner relationships.

Originally published January 4, 2021. Updated June 1, 2023