EG and TARGIT Join Forces on an Intelligent Medical Solution

Originally published June 23, 2020. Updated January 4, 2021

EG and TARGIT have joined forces in a strategic partnership that will soon benefit Danish medical centers. The partnership will merge EG Clinea with TARGIT's business intelligence (BI) solution for a new application to help medical and specialist clinics gain a more detailed picture of their patients.

Aalborg, Denmark — In only a few years, EG Clinea has become the country's most widespread administration system for handling patients, medical records, patient communication and related services. It resulted in part from the merger of systems like MedWin and EMAR, and general and specialist clinics alike have seen significant benefits.

Yet so far, EG Clinea has lacked a dedicated BI module. Now, thanks to a new strategic partnership between TARGIT and EG, that’s about to change.

The two companies have already begun to integrate TARGIT's BI solution into EG Clinea, making it possible for doctors and other staff at medical clinics to dive into the clinic's data. In the process, doctors gain a much more detailed picture of their patients’ overall health.

“Medical clinics need to be able to dive into numbers and data to get a real picture of their patient population, patient communication and resource management,” said Michael Frank Christensen, Vice President of EG Healthcare. “That’s why we’ve joined forces with TARGIT to deliver a new solution. And as it becomes a permanent part of EG Clinea, all the benefits automatically flow to our customers.”

TARGIT's BI solution, Decision Suite, is tailored for small and medium-sized businesses and is used worldwide by more than 6,000 companies. TARGIT has continuously invested heavily in functionality that makes it easy for the company's partners to embed the product in other solutions. According to the analysis company BARC, TARGIT is world’s number 1 provider of embedded solutions, which makes TARGIT an obvious partner for EG.

“We have worked hard to reach our current position and believe future users in the country's medical clinics and hospitals will benefit greatly from our solution’s user-friendliness,” said TARGIT CSO Lars G. Bang. “Our partnership with EG opens up new opportunities for health professionals to optimize clinical operations. We’re very pleased with the partnership and hope to find common ground around some of EG's other business areas in the long future.”

EG’s Christensen shares in this hope. “TARGIT's BI tools contain everything that has to do with the clinic's quality, uniformity, routines, communication, finances and follow-up,” he said. “Together with EG Clinea, which is one of the most widespread systems for medical practices, we will come up with a very competitive solution to benefit our customers from day one. It may even be relevant in some of our other industry-specific solutions.”


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Originally published June 23, 2020. Updated January 4, 2021