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Saving the public health sector DKK 2.8 billion a year with TARGIT Decision Suite

About the company

Amgros is the pharmaceutical procurement service for the five regional authorities in Denmark. They are a public-sector organization owned by the regions. Amgros was established to create economies of scale and achieve administrative savings by centralizing the procurement of pharmaceuticals. The company saves the regions approximately DKK 2.8 billion annually.

Their Challenges
  • Management lacked critical overview of data from all of their source systems
  • The data they did have access to was delivered in PDF reports and Excel spreadsheets
  • Creating reports for further insight was time consuming and not user-friendly.
How we helped
  • TARGIT integrates and mashes up data from every internal and external data source to deliver a single, comprehensive overview
  • TARGIT consultants helped the company establish a strong BI strategy
  • Storyboards deliver insight to everyone in the organization.
Now, the entire organization is able to easily follow the development of the company. It has been quite an eye-opener. That’s what’s fantastic about TARGIT; it supplies everyone with knowledge fast and easily.
- Sune Lindgaard Nielsen, BI Manager, Amgros

Making Data-Driven Decisions With TARGIT


Amgros was founded with the mission to provide public hospitals in Denmark with the pharmaceuticals they need at the lowest possible price. They execute tendering procedures and bulk purchasing to meet their goals. The organization is responsible for purchasing 99 percent of the pharmaceuticals used by public hospitals in the country.

As such, it's critical that Amgros has access to data to help them determine when and how to make purchases in order to get the right products at the right price. What data management employees did have access to was delivered in static PDF files of Excel spreadsheets. Creating reports was time-consuming. And once they were created, end-users could not drill down into greater detail to determine causation for any particular number.

For a complete overview of the industry and their business, they turned to TARGIT Decision Suite.

“The reason why we chose TARGIT is that it is a great tool to cover most of the recurring needs," says Sune Lindgaard Nielsen, BI Manager at Amgros. "It fills the needs of the organization in a simple, user-friendly way and helps us in our decision processes.”

Before TARGIT, Amgros relied on a single-source BI system that just wasn't delivering the full insight employees needed. The company replaced that system with a full data warehouse built on Microsoft SQL Server. Today, data is pulled from a variety of data sources, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, other internal source systems, and external sources such as Denmark's Statistics, The Danish Regions, and public hospital data throughout the country.

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Data is updated in the TARGIT system every night from every data source. Users can create reports and analyses that mash up data from external as well as internal sources and deliver data in a single, comprehensive overview. With insight at their fingertips, Amgros employees are able to make the critical business decisions that saves the Danish hospitals over DKK 2.8 billion each year, with a staff of only 40 people.

"In keeping with TARGIT’s philosophy, we have our very own OODA circle Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action," says Nielsen. "We use the observations from TARGIT to draw our attention to the areas where we need to keep ourselves informed. We make decisions based on the knowledge gathered and lastly, we act accordingly. In reality, TARGIT is helping us save the public health service sector billions of kroner a year."

Fostering a Data-Driven Culture

Every Amgros department is making data-driven decisions with TARGIT Decision Suite, delivering data to every employee who needs insight.

"We make great use of Storyboards on monitors throughout the organization," says Nielsen. "The visibility increases the general knowledge of our KPIs. Previously, only management had direct access to the figures. Now, the entire organization is able to easily follow the development of the company. It has been quite an eye-opener. That’s what’s fantastic about TARGIT; it supplies everyone with knowledge fast and easily."

The fact that it is now easier to access knowledge and that knowledge is spread out to the entire organization has not only led to a change of attitude; it saves the employees time and trouble as well. Now, the employees spend less time retrieving data and more time analyzing data.

Nielsen has ambitious plans for rolling out TARGIT even further in the future to make data even more accessible for the employees.

“We definitely want to work towards incorporating the business intelligence solution in our internal portal in order to be able to see scraps of data on the intranet," she explains. "I realize the value of showing data, making the employees able to review today’s KPIs together with the news with just a single click."

Originally published March 17, 2020. Updated February 26, 2024