Analytics For Your DMS

Get instant insight into financial performance, business performance, trends, and more with TARGIT’s business intelligence accelerator (BIA) for the IntelliDealer DMS (formerly CDK).  

Unlock the Benefits of TARGIT’s BI Accelerator

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“With TARGIT, technicians are billing between an extra half an hour to four hours per month, resulting in free revenue for us.” 

Chris DeGraeve

CPA, CMA, Controller, Enns Brothers

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“TARGIT is so powerful in its ability to customize the information we wanted to see and make it interactive. It also gives us a platform that our users can access throughout the day as opposed to waiting for weekly reports to go out as a PDF.” 

Travis Gerla

BI and Optimization General Manager, Rocky Mountains Equipment

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“The benefits of using TARGIT and IntelliDealer together are the accumulated knowledge that TARGIT has of the IntelliDealer databases. TARGIT is able to structure reports and tables in a way that gives us complete dashboards with very little input required from us.” 

Chris Lucas

Vice President of IT, Tractor & Equipment Company

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“Since implementing TARGIT, we are averaging 8% improvement in productivity per department manager per week.” 

Phil Raker

Director of IT, Best Line Equipment

    Consolidate & Compare

    TARGIT makes it easy to consolidate and compare data from your DMS and other business systems so that you can analyze performance across your entire dealership.


    Extract Actionable Insights From Your Dealership’s Data
    Combine the powerful operations management and resource planning capabilities of the IntelliDealer DMS with TARGIT’s all-in-one BI and analytics platform, TARGIT Decision Suite.  


    Boost Efficiency and Data Accessibility
    TARGIT’s integration enables seamless, two-way connectivity between Decision Suite and your DMS, so your entire dealership can access the latest insights, share reports in minutes, and inform strategic decisions with highly accurate reports and analyses. 


    Automate Reporting in Every Department
    Our exclusive accelerator for IntelliDealer (formerly CDK) includes pre-built, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for: 

    AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Sales
    AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Finance
    AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Purchasing
    AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Stock
    AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Service
    AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Rental
    ...And more!