TARGIT vs. Power BI

Originally published January 25, 2020. Updated July 15, 2022
Niels Thomsen
Niels Thomsen
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Picking the best BI solution that fits your business needs is not an easy task. Do you go with the most popular name in the industry or the most experienced? Is Microsoft’s Power BI worth the investment – or even right for your organization? Who’s the best on price, ease of use, and all the other boxes you need to check?

For help, let’s turn to Brad Kirkendall, Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture at enVista, a leading global supply chain consulting/IT services firm and valued strategic partner – and see what an expert on the topic has to say about what is the best BI solution on the market.


TARGIT Decision Suite vs. Microsoft’s Power BI


Before you commit to a BI platform, you have a host of critical details to consider. There’s security and data governance, scheduling and notifications, dashboards and benchmarking, not to mention learning curves and pricing policies.

We wanted to give you an unbiased opinion about these two tools, so we reached out to our customers and partners who have worked with both softwares. The result: an in-depth webinar with side-by-side comparisons of TARGIT and Power BI.

During this webinar we examine the differences between TARGIT Decision Suite and Power BI, separating the hype from the hard facts and probing into often-overlooked nuances, feature by feature. For example, you’ll learn:

  • What to watch for with regard to ease of use and the learning curve of both products
  • Why the need for speed can cost an organization in terms of validation
  • How a “free” BI tool can impact your budget when there’s no sharing allowed and scaling makes the pricing into a hockey stick
  • Which features scale – and which don’t – as your organization grows (governance and distribution options should be carefully examined)
  • Why 10 minutes on role-based governance done with drag and drop functionality now can save months of aggravation later
  • How to choose between cool graphic visualizations and straightforward analysis

Once you watch this webinar, you’ll gain enough insight into the relative features and benefits of TARGIT Decision Suite and Power BI to make an informed decision – one you can support with data and justify with confidence.


How to leverage the best of the best BI for your enterprise


The right choice, of course, is the one that works for your organization. While Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular name in the industry, it lacks in enterprise ame recognition, and TARGIT Decision Suite makes up for in maturity.

The bottom line


Both Power BI and TARGIT have their strengths and shortcomings, and both can integrate with your ERP system. In certain cases, they can even work together. In fact, because they cover different needs, some companies find it makes sense to implement both. The webinar shows you why – and how to arrive at the best solution for your enterprise.

Get the data you need to decide

Originally published January 25, 2020. Updated July 15, 2022

Niels Thomsen
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Niels Thomsen

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