TARGIT Back-end Administrator

Date: September 27, 2012
Location and Time: Tampa (FL)
Language: English
Price: 920 USD • 760 EURO • 5650 DKK

Master the Back-end of TARGIT

TARGIT Back-end Administrator TARGIT course


Implement and manage the daily administration of your TARGIT solutions. You'll be able to install the various TARGIT components, configure your solution for optimal performance, troubleshoot errors, govern end-user's rights and roles, etc.
The course requires you to be familiar with the basic concepts of TARGIT along with a good level of IT technical knowledge.
1 day

You'll Learn

✔ About the architecture of a TARGIT implementation
✔ About the relevance of each configuration option in the TARGIT Management client
✔ Best practices about adding end-users to Rights and Roles
✔ How to look up end-user permissions
How to set up simple user activity logging
✔ How to improve the TARGIT experience through Decorations

Your Dedicated TARGIT Instructor

Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University

A Workshop Customized for You

Every business is different, and so is every TARGIT workshop. We customize the experience to your team based on your goals, challenges, and how you ultimately want TARGIT to operate in your organization.