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We help businesses make impactful data-driven decisions by offering innovative software, industry insight, and service focused on strong customer and partner relationships.

We’re driven by one unified vision - to help businesses realize the full value of their data.



Our Story

More than 30 Years of Insights

TARGIT was born in 1986 when business partners Morten Sandlykke and Søren Leifsgård founded Sandlykke & Leifsgård, a company that sold computer hardware and operations software for industries such as gas stations.  

Ten years later, the founders teamed up with Morten Middelfart to shift the company's focus toward business intelligence (BI). Sandlykke and Leifsgård eventually sold the hardware-focused side of the organization and rebranded their remaining business as TARGIT, a BI and analytics company.   

TARGIT Around the Globe

Since 2001, TARGIT has expanded from its headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark, opening offices in Copenhagen, Belgium, and the US, where our company has offices in Tampa, Florida and Dublin, Ohio, respectively. TARGIT also has external employees in Belarus, Croatia, and Poland.  

Leading the Way 

In 2017, TARGIT became part of the private equity fund GRO Capital, and Director and Founder Morten Sandlykke stepped down from the executive team, opening the door for new possibilities and perspectives.   

Today, the TARGIT team focuses on helping customers in core industries like heavy equipment, automotive, convenience stores, and the public sector extract value from their data and connect the dots between data sources.

We also collaborate with OEMs and consulting partners in these industries to create dynamic solutions that integrate with the systems their customers already know and love. 

User Support

TARGIT's unwavering focus on customer success and value through the development of specialized BI tools sets our company apart from other software vendors, enabling us to provide customers with intuitive solutions that support users at every level of its organization.  

Recognized as a Global Leader in Vendor Credibility by Dresner three years in a row and Leader in BI Excellence by BARC five years in a row, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers through continuous innovation, insightful recommendations, and a people-first business model.   

Leadership Team

The TARGIT management team is made up of the best combination of technology-savvy and insightful professionals. TARGIT is thriving under the guidance and leadership of some of the coolest and most experienced executives in the business.

We Are...


We Travel Light, Move Fast and Stay Relevant

We grow with our customers and partners, and we are eager to work smarter and collaborate better to accommodate the everchanging market.

We Care to Know and Are Known to Care

We create impactful solutions that provide our customers with insights that will drive their business forward. We care to know the inner workings and our customers actual objectives.

Creating Impact is the Ultimate Goal of Everything We Do

What we do, we do for our customers. We listen and understand to accommodate specific needs. We create impact.
... and with INTEGRITY

We Are Honest, Helpful and Always Challenging

We always have our customers best interest in mind, and we put pride into helping our customers, take ownership, and follow through.



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