Happy 1st Anniversary, TARGIT Community

Originally published April 21, 2022. Updated March 20, 2024

Happy first anniversary to the TARGIT Community! Launched in March 2021, as a forum to ask questions, gain inspiration, share knowledge and help each other build the data-driven organizations of the future, TARGIT Community quickly exceeded our expectations.

Thank you to every customer, partner, and other stakeholder who joined in. As we’ve said before, you help save the world one answer at a time!

A few fun facts about today’s TARGIT Community:

  • Global with 50+ countries represented
  • 500+ registered users
  • 300+ posts in the user-to-user forum
  • 8,000+ page views monthly

TARGIT Community is a place for TARGIT users to:

  • Ask questions
  • Share knowledge
  • Access documentation
  • Find answers
  • Interact with fellow users

TARGIT Community’s Most Asked Questions (and Answers)

Our community is dedicated to everything related to TARGIT, and our mission is to make the platform the fastest way to access insight and answers. Here’s a sampling of the types of questions and answers you can expect to find there:

Q: How do I prevent people from using Export to Excel?

A: Exporting to Excel can be controlled through ‘Rights.’ In TARGIT Management Studio, in the Rights section, you can create a Rights group (or edit one of the existing ones). In the ‘Rights’ tab of this group, scroll down to Consumer rights and find the option ‘Export table data to CSV/Excel/XML’ and set the permission to ‘None in these rights.’

Learn more here.

Q: How do I show the dimension name above columns of a cross table?”

A: I don't think you can have the information right in the column header - however you could add it to the title of the crosstab like this.

Learn more here.

Q: I’m using dynamic time showing the previous 12 months. I noticed that sometimes users want to “pretend” that the starting point is a month other than the current one. Is this possible?

A: In the criteria bar you can add a Dynamic Time Origin. The users can then input their own date.

Learn more here.

Q: Is it possible to schedule export to Excel and, if so, how? Ideally, I want my export to include every object in my TARGIT Document.

A: In addition to Steppi's comment, you can specify to export all data objects in the Format pane of Schedule Job setup. Just select MS Excel format and check “Export all data objects to multiple sheets.”

Learn more here.

Q: Can I rename a caption in a crosstab without using translations in TARGIT Management and, if so, how?

A: You can right-click on the specific caption, then choose Table > Dynamic Captions > Edit dynamic caption for this member. On the left, it will open this tab where you can input your own caption instead of {cell value}.

Learn more here.

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Originally published April 21, 2022. Updated March 20, 2024