Inside TARGIT Careers: Helle Looks Back on 20 Years at TARGIT

Originally published December 18, 2023. Updated March 20, 2024

TARGIT's company culture is centered on ensuring every employee finds fulfillment in their role, understands the organization's strategic goals, and feels a strong bond with their fellow employees. This commitment leads us to support employees with flexible career pathing, transparent leadership, and activities that promote team connectivity even as our organization evolves.  

Today’s star? None other than Helle Dybro, a finance employee who's been rockin' the TARGIT scene for more than two decades!  

From day one, Helle felt the closeness and transparency that define our company culture — and her journey is a testament to TARGIT's commitment to people-powered success! TARGIT's leadership team prioritizes a work environment where every employee feels like a rockstar in their role, understands the big picture, and bonds like a family. We're all about flexible career paths, leaders who wear their hearts on their sleeves, and team-building activities that bring us closer together. 

This blog post is your backstage pass to Helle's career extravaganza, the opportunities she's embraced during her time at TARGIT, and her roadmap for the future. 

Becoming a Part of Team TARGIT

Helle found her way to TARGIT over two decades ago. When her youngest child was around a year old, Helle began looking for a position she could work in while completing her internship, with the hope for full-time employment.  

Helle knew of TARGIT because the company's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) was from her hometown. She decided to hop on board the TARGIT train. And guess what? She was hired on the very same day as her first interview. Originally, Helle only planned to stick around for a short time, but she got hooked! The leadership team’s dedication to continuous growth and making TARGIT the ultimate workplace kept her planted for two decades.  

"Twenty years is a long time to work at the same company, but I think there's been so much opportunity and progress at TARGIT during that time," says Helle. "As new leaders have joined the organization, they have always had the same agenda as the ones before them — to make positive changes to and ensure TARGIT remains a very good place to work."  

Adapting to Changes in Leadership and Strategy

When Helle first joined TARGIT, she immediately felt a strong sense of camaraderie and appreciated the company's people-centric culture. TARGIT's growth over the last 20 years has impacted culture and closeness within the team, but Helle shares that the people at TARGIT are still a big part of what makes the job so fulfilling.  

"It's especially important to me to have good colleagues and relationships that go beyond 'the work' we do every day. It's so nice to get together after work and do things together outside the office."   

And the TARGIT magic doesn't stop there. Transparency, autonomy, and professional growth – that's the TARGIT formula that's kept Helle and her colleagues thriving. At the office, she values the transparency of TARGIT's leadership team and the flexibility she and her colleagues are given.  

"At TARGIT, you can speak openly to your manager and your coworkers. You never have to act reserved or feel nervous about sharing your feedback and ideas. You can also make autonomous decisions and focus on professional development within your role."   

Finding Fulfillment in the Day-to-Day

Today, Helle handles various finance tasks for TARGIT's EMEA side of the business. She works closely with the sales team in Denmark on sales and subscription contracts, as well as incoming and outgoing invoices across the organization. She's responsible for maintaining smooth financial operations and supporting the sales and consulting teams with their financial requirements. 

Being a part of a company for over two decades will, of course, involve leadership changes as the organization and strategy evolve. Helle shares that her work has continually become more interesting as TARGIT has reached new stages of growth, and she and her teammates work much more closely with sales reps and consultants than when she first joined the organization.  

She explains that while she's always worked in the finance department, her responsibilities and day-to-day activities have changed as new leaders have joined TARGIT over the years: 

"When Jakob Kraglund joined TARGIT as the new CEO in 2020, the organization evolved enormously, and I gained much more responsibility. Our CFO, Joachim Majlund, has also provided us with more responsibilities and enabled collaboration with other departments across TARGIT. These types of changes and opportunities for professional growth are what makes it exciting to be here." 


Looking to the Road Ahead

Looking ahead, Helle is enthusiastic about the upcoming migration to a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and contract management system. Specifically, her team is looking into how the contract management system will integrate with TARGIT's existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. The finance team meets regularly with the sales operations team to discuss the implementation process and the expected benefits of the new solution.  

The adoption of these new systems represents an exciting opportunity to further streamline financial processes and help employees like Helle work more efficiently.  

Helle's journey at TARGIT highlights both the company's evolution and her adaptability to many new opportunities over the years. What has remained constant for Helle is the stimulating and dynamic nature of her role, which is fueled by TARGIT's supportive work environment, emphasis on personal development, and Helle's personal motivations.  

Helle's TARGIT journey exemplifies the opportunities for personal and professional growth that await individuals who join the company, making it an exceptional place to work.  

With a commitment to creating a positive work environment, we ensure that employees of all backgrounds and perspectives can contribute to TARGIT's success while enjoying fulfilling careers.  

If you're looking for a place where your career can flourish, where you're not just another face in the crowd, and where you can join a fantastic cast of characters aged 23 to 65, look no further than Team TARGIT! Visit our Careers page and embark on your own TARGIT adventure. 


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Originally published December 18, 2023. Updated March 20, 2024