TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 latest product update

Originally published March 14, 2020. Updated April 10, 2024
Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen
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TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 latest product update is full of new functionalities. Highlights include:

  • New scheduling and central administration of slideshows running on different monitors and/or locations
  • Slideshow capability and support for our brand-new TABS feature in TARGIT Anywhere
  • Updated report engine with support for advanced iterations of report sections (page sequences) to offer an even more powerful reporting experience

Let’s review in detail the six new features


Generic embedding

If you’re thinking TARGIT already has embedding features, you’d be right. But this update makes it better. The prior release had a unique approach for different “host systems.” This update lets you embed the same way regardless of which “host system” you’re using.

Generic Embedding only requires one insertion of TARGIT-generated permalinks (logical paths to the dashboards you want to embed) into your HTML source. One single insertion and it works.

What’s more, Update 3 makes it a snap to maintain and change any embedded content. Embedding a slideshow with seasonal information? Now you can update it with the new seasonal information right through the TARGIT desktop client.


Schedule Publishing

You can schedule content to run on monitors on different days and even hours of the day without reconfiguring individual monitors. Plus, you can set up each monitor as a destination for anything you publish. The schedule handles it all so elegantly – you simply publish to a destination defined through a link.

Exciting, right? That’s because this feature is super robust and flexible. Even if you close your IIS (Information Server) and/or the TARGIT server, On-Demand Slideshows will continue to run.


On-Demand Slideshows

Are you familiar with Storyboards? On-Demand Slideshows are the same thing – we just changed the name to better reflect what they do.

The big news: Now you can set up and run a slideshow from any workstation and any client version – Windows or Anywhere – by following just a couple of quick steps.
Please note that mobile apps support slideshows only via Anywhere opened in a browser.



Use the TARGIT Windows and Anywhere client just as you use your browser. Open any number of tabs and copy and paste objects freely between them. Each tab represents its own “isolated” document, so drills don’t apply across tabs.

The history feature has been completely rewritten to serve each individual tab. Now every tab gets its own “personal” flat history list. What’s more, the history for each tab reverts to a more “flat structure” to enhance readability.

Now you have the option to open any number of tabs that show your favorite dashboards or reports and move them around for a better view on your monitors. You can even save the tabs as a bookmark.

Report Page Iteration

TARGIT takes the tedium out of your reporting process. This feature makes it even better by covering the need to iterate or group by multiple pages. The ability to do iterations/groupings over a sequence of pages allows you to run a value sequence in a specific set of pages, a feature you’ll really appreciate for lengthy reports.

For example, let’s say your branches/stores report can now be expanded to iterate over multiple pages. You’ll get a richer and more understandable segmentation of complex reports, including the ability to design subtotal pages for each branch/store.



We rewrote the entire security path. Now it works like a Google or Facebook login, using multifactor authentication that confirms your identity through an extra token sent to you either via text or email.


From easier embedding to a faster and more secure login, the new update is a crucial step in the evolution and near future of the TARGIT Decision Suite. It’s part of a bigger plan where the product will function in the cloud (coming soon!).

For a closer look, please watch our on-demand webinar about this update with CTO, Tommy Jensen.

2019 TARGIT Decision Suite product update

Originally published October 28, 2019. Updated April 10, 2024

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Tommy Jensen

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I’ve been with TARGIT since the dawn of today’s modern business intelligence capabilities. In those decades, I’ve seen an incredible amount of change and progress with TARGIT Decision Suite – from a modest analytical platform to the incredibly powerful, all-encompassing solution that it is today.