TARGIT partners with Systematic

Originally published March 19, 2020. Updated November 19, 2020
Together, they will strengthen IT solutions for Systematic’s wide variety of business areas.

Aalborg, Denmark – TARGIT, a leading provider of business intelligence software to both domestic and international companies, has today announced an exciting partnership with Systematic. 

Systematic, a developer of software and systems solutions for the public and private sector, has more than 900 employees and a customer catalogue consisting of Aalborg University Hospital, Region Midtjylland and the Police of Copenhagen, among many others. In addition, the company recently won the public offering of a new electronic patient journal in Region Syddanmark. 


A perfect match

Systematic wants to empower its customers to make critical decisions based on a solid foundation which, in some cases, may be a matter of life or death. TARGIT’s mission for its solution is just as clear: All organizations should have the opportunity to make quick and efficient decisions based on real-time data. Decision Suite, TARGIT’s business intelligence & analytics tool, supports this mission and is a perfect match to Systematic’s IT solution, Columna Cura.

“TARGIT delivers a strong and user-friendly product which they are helping us utilize in the best possible manner. They understand Systematic and the needs of our customers and have designed a solution that very much supports our business model. With this collaboration, we have entered a promising and exciting partnership that we look forward to keep being a part of,” says Erik Søndergaard Andersen, Senior Manager of Business Development at Systematic.


A strong solution

Systematic’s Columna Cura is the next generation care and social record that provides employees with a clear and updated overview of their tasks and contact list. The system helps make the complex workday more manageable, minimizing time in front of the screen and maximizing time with patients or clients.

With TARGIT Decision Suite as the front-end solution for Cura, users will have quick and easy access to Cura data through user-friendly analyses, reporting and dashboards – all in one single, integrated platform.

“To begin with, there will be 100% focus on delivering a strong solution for Cura, but a little further ahead we will probably look into the potential of strengthening other Systematic solutions through a similar setup,” says Flemming Stein, CCO at TARGIT.

Even though the collaboration has only just begun, there’s no time for resting on laurels. The partners are working on delivering a solution to the first 20 municipalities where TARGIT is integrated with Cura.

TARGIT is excited to partner with Systematic to explore solutions for upcoming projects. 

“We have very big expectations for the partnership with Systematic,” says Stein. “Both TARGIT and Systematic are widely acknowledged in the market of municipalities for delivering user-friendly solutions with a dedicated focus on user adoption. By bringing TARGIT into the game as an integrated part of Cura, Systematic will now have the opportunity to strengthen its position within the caretaking market even more.”  


TARGIT provides BI and Analytics software for everyone, and we are the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite.

With industry knowledge and customer insight as our foundation, we turn intelligence into impactful decisions. We have a track record of proven business value, securing a low TCO, giving you a better long-term value for your organization.

We deliver easier ways to work with data that creates a real impact for all our customers, by curating actionable insights that lead to better and faster decisions to improve profitability, productivity, and competitiveness.

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Originally published June 28, 2018. Updated November 19, 2020