End-to-End Solutions Accelerator

You know your customers and niche segments.
We know BI and analytics. 

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A Simplified Solution for Complex Data

We’ve partnered with an IFS Premium Partner and a number of IFS users to develop an IFS business intelligence accelerator (BIA) that minimizes risk, adds value to your BI solutions, and drives success across your business. This BIA enables you to:

  • Meet customer needs
  • Enhance your BI offerings
  • Stay competitive
  • Promote value creation
  • And much more!

“The more complex flow our customers have, the harder it is for them to access their data without a BI solution.
TARGIT enables us to provide in-depth data insights and improves visibility.”

Peter E. Bering


Group 15-2

“This solution saved us months of setup time, internal resources, and hours of manual reporting tasks.
It truly delivered business value
and positive outcomes from day one.”

André Rosendal Hansen



“TARGIT highlights the ‘big numbers’
that inform our work
and drive decision-making
in multiple departments.”

Jacob Majland


    Introducing TARGIT’s

    BI Accelerator for IFS

    Bring the power of TARGIT Decision Suite to your IFS customers with a pre-built solution that makes data accessible and turns insights into business impacts.

    Empower your customers and strengthen your business partnerships by providing a quickstart BI solution with reporting templates and an intuitive infrastructure that increases visibility across:

    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Purchasing
    • Stock
    • Credit
    • Shop Orders
    • Projects

    Empower Your Business and Your Customers

    Meet Customers’ BI Needs

    Help customers trade disparate tools for a comprehensive solution that unifies multiple data sources and integrates with their existing software ecosystem. 

    Gain a Competitive Edge

    Provide a complete BI solution with pre-built infrastructure and reporting tools that manage multi-source data at a clear, competitive price point.

    Create Lasting Partnerships

    Focus on value creation at every stage of your customers’ BI journey by providing an innovative solution and ongoing strategic support. 

    Level Up Your BI Offerings and Deliver a Proven Solution Built for IFS