TARGIT Decision Suite

Winter '22 Product Update

The newest version of TARGIT is here, with even more user-friendly features to love.


Impactful Updates for Every User

Our latest product update brings intuitive features and new tools to every Decision Suite user, from expert analysts to non-technical decision-makers. 

Copy Scheduled Jobs

Save time and reduce manual tasks with Decision Suite’s new “copy” feature on Scheduled Jobs. Rather than creating a new Scheduled Job from scratch each time, users can now copy an existing job from the Scheduled Jobs list and simply modify various settings as needed to align with new job requirements.

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Webinar, December 13

What's New in TARGIT?

Ensure you’re leveraging all of TARGIT’s newest features and capabilities.

Walkthrough the details of our Winter '22 update with the Head of TARGIT University, Ole Dyring.

The Nerdy Details

Learn all the little details that make the design and user experience of
TARGIT Decision Suite even better with our Winter '22 product update.

Winter Is Coming.. with Features

The Winter ‘22 update focuses on enhanced usability and customization inside the backend of TARGIT, plus tools that make sharing powerful insights at every level of your organization easier than ever before. 

Data Model Editor: Description Fields for Measures and Calculations

Improve documentation for TARGIT data models. Users can now add descriptions to Measures, Calculations, and Global Calculations in the Data Model Editor.

These Descriptions appear directly in the TARGIT Client, eliminating the need for two-step documentation and improving documentation in the Bus Matrix and other matrices. 

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You're leaving an incredible amount of power on the table without the latest version of TARGIT. We have come a long way since your implementation, whether it was in 2015, 2017, or 2019.

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