Connect, Integrate, Analyze

Microsoft Excel

Connect the dots between static data sources. Quickly and easily turn dozens of disparate Excel sheets into a cohesive dataset by importing them directly into TARGIT Decision Suite for intuitive analysis and reporting. 



Use TARGIT With Excel

While we all hope that data can be contained in a perfectly organized data warehouse, the reality is that we have information available to us in many different forms and systems. 

Many organizations realize they need BI when they start to hit roadblocks and limits with what Excel can do. Make the transition easy by simply importing your spreadsheets into TARGIT with Data Discovery and growing your BI strategy from there. 

Maybe you're receiving a weekly report from an outside vendor or a one-time list of event attendees that you want to match up against your internal data. Simply import your Excel file and get right to analyzing.

TARGIT for Actiomo woman illustrating insights

See Other Data Sources

Don't be boxed in by data source limitations. Integrate data from all your systems and databases into a single world view.