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Rouse Analytics

Bring powerful benchmarking data into TARGIT’s business intelligence solution for heavy equipment dealers.

Putting together

Integrate Rouse Analytics With TARGIT

Many heavy equipment dealerships rely on Rouse Analytics to evaluate rental values, asset appreciation, and more. Now, you can integrate these meaningful insights directly with the rest of your business intelligence (BI) data, thanks to TARGIT’s latest integration capabilities. 


Existing Rouse Analytics customers and TARGIT Rental users can carry benchmarking data and market insights over to TARGIT through our direct API connectors.

Our latest BI integration is simple to implement and saves your team valuable time extracting and migrating datasets between systems.

  • Flow data from Rouse directly into your TARGIT data warehouse
  • Integrate data models with specialized measures and dimensions
  • Access out-of-the-box dashboards explicitly designed to analyze Rouse Analytics data
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TARGIT for Actiomo woman illustrating insights

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