TARGIT for Softbase Systems

Powerful BI to Your Dealership

Our business intelligence accelerator (BIA) seamlessly integrates with the Softbase DMS, giving you unparalleled insights into your operations and the analytics tools you need to make impactful decisions. 


Automate Reporting and Increase Data Visibility with TARGIT

We leveraged our measured experience in Dealer Management System (DMS) integrations to bring the power of TARGIT Decision Suite directly to the Softbase DMS. Our accelerator allows dealers to implement pre-built BI infrastructure, access custom templates, and use our recommended metrics to start measuring performance across:  

  • Sales  
  • Service 
  • Equipment Rental
  • Parts & Inventory
  • Accounting 
Today, we are capturing 10% more deals if we meet our used KPIs, and I would have never known that without TARGIT.
- David Scott, Director of Corporate Operations, Butler Machinery

Immediate BI. Immediate ROI. 

Unify Data 

Pull data from your Softbase DMS and other external sources into a single BI dashboard to get a complete picture of your operations. 

Automate Reporting 

Turn hours of manual reporting into a reliable, automated process that generates digestible reports and interactive dashboards in minutes.  

BI Dashboard_Mobile_device

Increase Adoption 

Give every user the tools and access they need to review performance, manage inventory, and gain a clear view of your entire business. 

Inform Decisions 

Base business decisions on the latest insights and pivot at a moment’s notice to stay agile as the market evolves.  

TARGIT for Actiomo woman illustrating insights

Bring the Power of TARGIT to Your Softbase DMS